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Fixed Asset Accounting

Fixed Asset Register Software for IBM Systems

The Avia Software Asset Intelligence package is the ideal choice for any size and type of organisation that is looking for a comprehensive and flexible IBM fixed assets software solution. Our fixed assets software is used worldwide by companies using IBM i for Power Systems (AS/400, iSeries) servers.

Whatever you need, whether it is a simple tool for depreciation, or a sophisticated international financial package or maybe even a physical asset tracking facility, we have the answer.

What's more, while we've built in multi-company, multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities, we've still managed to design it to be easy to use. So you can take advantage of this highly functional system, with excellent enquiry & reporting facilities, simply, quickly and effectively.

The fixed asset register module is designed to comply with IAS, US GAAP and the accounting standards and tax legislation of most countries. Coding structures can be set up to mirror your organisational structure, and description lines are unlimited and fully user definable.

All depreciation policies can be handled, along with easy recording of asset events, such as transfers, disposals, re-lifing and revaluations. Excellent enquiry, fixed asset register and reporting facilities also exist.

Links to accounting packages

Avia Software has vast experience in providing interfaces to and from other software packages, which is why we are a leading supplier in the provision of Fixed Asset Management solutions. We like to see our clients making efficient use of their time, and this means only entering data once, rather than repeating the same data entry in different packages.



  • Multi-company
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-book
  • Most depreciation methods and tax rules


  • User-defined analysis codes
  • User defined description
  • Parameterised reporting and enquiry, multiple search criteria
  • Report writing
  • Reporting and enquiry on current, future and historical periods


  • Late cost/invoice recording against assets
  • Revaluation, re-lifeing, transfer and disposal of assets individually or in bulk
  • Full and partial transfers and disposals
  • Suspension of depreciation
  • Indexation and notional interest
  • Budgeting and forecasting


  • In-tray for review of assets imported from other accounting systems
  • Parameterised General Ledger postings

Standard reports include:

  • Asset Register
  • Financial Depreciation
  • Movement/Reconciliation Schedule
  • Transfers Analysis
  • Disposals Analysis
  • Asset Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Aged Analysis
  • G/L Postings
  • Deferred Tax
  • plus many more...