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Market Sectors

Asset Intelligence is truly a cross industry solution. However, we have developed the software to take account of the specific requirements of different business sectors. Our fascination over almost 30 years of software development has come from the variety of challenges posed by all and more of the industries highlighted below.

Manufacturing implementations have seen us face the challenges of so many industries; aerospace, automotive, chemicals, food and beverage, plus a variety of different process industries, and many more. These organisations are of course very capital intensive and our software has been up to the task of satisfying the unique demands of each and every manufacturing business.

The Retail sector has used Asset Intelligence for the building and refurbishment of store infrastructure, even accounting for the finished goods in some instances. Asset Intelligence has been used by many internationally recognised and familiar high street names, from large departmental stores through to typical high volume store outlets.

Financial organisations such as retail and commercial banks and insurance companies use many varieties of office and computer equipment requiring strict financial control and tracking capability.

Utility companies not only need to manage extensive capital infrastructures but have stringent accounting needs for these assets. The oil and gas industry transition to IFRS, component depreciation in the power industry, guidelines for accounting for capital maintenance charges and current costs in the water industry, are but a few examples.

The Leisure industry has a variety of unique asset control situations, from hotels and restaurants to leisure parks.

The Public Sector embraces many specific accounting guidelines such as the NHS Capital Accounting manual; Local Authorities, Quangos and the Education sector also rely on systems to provide unique accounting compliance.

The Distribution industry consists of logistics and shipping companies, vehicle rental, new and second hand car sales. We have experienced and enjoyed the demands that each of these organisations has placed on us and our software.

But, all organisations, in no matter what industry, ultimately demand a flexible asset accounting system that follows prescribed but varied accounting rules, backed up by experienced consultancy professionals who can understand and apply the detailed requirements of each and every organisation.